Outgoing mobility

Outgoing mobility

Mobility is carried out at all levels of studies (undergraduate, master and doctoral) in order to enable the student to complete part of the study program at a higher education institution abroad and recognize it as if it had been completed at the home institution.

As a rule, mobility corresponds to the study field and level of the enrolled study program.

Outgoing mobility means that a student of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad as a home institution completes a part of the study program at the host institution abroad, after which he/she returns to the home institution where he/she completes the enrolled study program.


Every student of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad, i.e. the faculty, as the home institution (hereinafter: outgoing student) has the right to participate in outgoing mobility if he/she meets the following basic requirements:

  1. is enrolled at least in the second year of undergraduate studies (with at least 60 ECTS credits);
  2. is enrolled in master, specialist or doctoral studies;

University Business Academy in Novi Sad, i.e. the respective faculty makes a ranking of the applicants according to the following criteria:

  1. academic achievement of the student (average grade);
  2. the significance of the proposed mobility programme for the overall learning outcome of the enrolled study program;
  3. language proficiency;
  4. the number of mobility programs/exchanges in which a student has participated so far, with priority given to a student who has not previously participated in any mobility programs.

The final choice and the decision to accept a student is made by the host institution.


Candidates who have objections to the results of the competition have the right to appeal. Complaints shall be submitted to the International Relations Office, in writing, at the latest within 8 days of the announcement of the results of the competition. The decision on appeals is made by the International Relations Office within 3 days from the moment of the appeal.

Duration of mobility

A student of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad can participate in mobility programmes several times during his/her studies, bearing in mind that the total duration of the mobility period at the same level of studies cannot exceed one half of the total duration of the study programme the student is enrolled in, or else student cannot earn more than 30 ECTS credits which are added to the total number of ECTS credits required for obtaining the diploma.

Student status during the period of mobility

During the period of mobility, the status of the outgoing student at the home institution remains unchanged: it is considered that during that period his/her studies are not interrupted and rights and obligations are in effect, since it is assumed that the student completes his/her academic requirements at the host institution.

Academic Recognition of the Mobility Period

A student of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad who took part in an exchange based on the signed Learning Agreement, reserves the right for his/her achieved results at the host institution to be recognised by his/her home institution following his/her return from exchange.

Academic recognition of the mobility period is a procedure through which the results that the student achieved during the exchange are evaluated and a decision is made on the manner of recognition of the passed exams (ECTS credits and grades), which is subsequently confirmed following the procedure outlined in the Decree on Academic Recognition of the Mobility Period.

For further information regarding the Academic Recognition of the Mobility Period, please see the Guidelines for academic recognition of mobility at the University Business Academy in Novi Sad.


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