Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo

Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo is the first private Faculty in the field of medical sciences in Serbia. It was established in 2002 and has worked successfully ever since. On the day of its opening, it joined a large number of private faculties of stomatology/dental medicine in Europe and the whole world. In order to successfully achieve all of the set goals, we have accumulated and applied the incredible and priceless experiences of our professors, the experiences of other schools and faculties of dental medicine in Europe, the experience of working at state and private clinics and, last but not the least important - recommendations prescribed by the Bologna declaration.

Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo

Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo is an independent educational, academic, medical and scientific institution, which is accredited for integrated academic studies, specialist academic studies, doctoral academic studies, medical specialization and science and research work. It cultivates science and research work and carries out medical practices in the areas of tooth pathology, prosthetics, mouth diseases, oral surgery with implantology, orthodontics, child and preventive stomatology and public health. In addition, the Faculty provides health specializations and organizes continuous professional education and training in all areas of stomatology.

The science and research work of the Faculty is oriented towards basic and applied science and research projects and innovations in technological development. The lecturers and associates of the Faculty actively participate in the realization of a large number of projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Education and Environmental Protection of Serbia. Additionally, the Faculty participates in regional multinational projects with a number of countries in the region.

The quality of the teaching process is ensured through professional workmanship of lecturers and associates. From the total number of courses covering all 5 years of studies, 98% are taught by permanently employed lecturers and associates. Today, the Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo has a total of 107 employees.

The main education goals of the Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo imply transfer and dissemination of scientific and expert knowledge and skills in the area of stomatology through the use of modern equipment, materials and technology in day-to-day work with patients. The Faculty is equipped with state-of-the-art technology (KaVo dental chairs, Fotona lasers, 3D panoramic radiograph with tele-X-ray, VELscope lamp etc.) for optimum performance and results during studies. Furthermore, the Faculty also ensures that each new generation of graduate students, specialists and doctoral candidates have enough patients to work with.

The Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo cooperates with a large number of renowned health institutions in Serbia. The cooperation works both ways, through mutually signed agreements.

The Faculty proudly holds an SRPS ISO 9001: 2008 certification for quality and since September 2004 is a member of ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe).

A big percentage of our students are the children of doctors of stomatology and medicine, but not exclusively from Serbia. An even greater number of students currently enrolled at the Faculty come from the countries of former Yugoslavia and the EU. Continuous self-assessment in terms of the quality of work of our lecturers and associates serves the purpose of continuous advancement of the overall quality of teaching and learning conditions. Experiences of our graduates who work at state and private clinics and the great interest of our prospective freshmen expressed year after year are the best indicators that we are on the right path.

Each year, our Faculty has more and more visiting professors from internationally recognized schools of dental medicine.

Study programs

Integrated academic studies

Study program Duration ECTS Academic degree
Integrated Academic Studies of Dentistry 5 academic years 300 Doctor of Dentistry

Specialized academic studies

Study program Duration ECTS Academic degree
Specialized Academic Studies of Dentistry 1 academic year 60 Dentist Specialist

Doctoral academic studies

Study program Duration ECTS Academic degree
Doctoral Academic Studies of Dentistry 3 academic years 180 Doctor of Medical Science - Dentistry
  • Faculty Management
    Faculty Management
    Dean Prof. Vladimir Biočanin, Ph.D.
    Vice-Dean for Science Prof. Zoran Tambur, Ph.D.
    Vice-Dean for Teaching Prof. Veljko Kolak, Ph.D.
    Vice-Dean for International Cooperation Prof. Danimir Jevremović, Ph.D.

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  • Faculty Address
    Faculty Address
    Address Žarka Zrenjanina br. 179, 26101 Pančevo, Serbia
    Phone +381 (0)13 235 12 92
    Email info@sfp.rs
    Website www.stomatoloskifakultet.rs

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