Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade

Faculty of Contemporary Arts (Serbian acronym: FSU) is the first private faculty of performing and applied arts in the region, with a tradition of over 20 years. As part of the large international educational alliance called “LINK Group”, it offers prospective students the highest quality of art education - a unique blend of arts and new technologies. Faculty of Contemporary Arts educates and produces new generations of contemporary artists i.e. people who will keep up with the constantly changing times and the world of the 21st century, which is continuously expanding, developing and setting new, high standards. That is why the Faculty of Contemporary Arts puts a special emphasis on the skills needed for work with modern technology, which leads to an even greater freedom in creating. Hence, our students gain a huge competitive advantage in the labor market.

Faculty of Contemporary Arts
Faculty of Contemporary Arts

Study programs of the first, second and third degree of academic studies (undergraduate, master and doctoral studies) have all been officially accredited and conceptualized with a vision of a better and more efficient higher education, blended with our traditional experience in education and contemporary trends. The study programs of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts are such that students use modern technologies from the first day of classes and rely on them in the process of creation, preparation and production of arts. Quite often, technology is directly implemented in students’ work, allowing them to communicate their ideas in the easiest and best way possible. Such access to the latest technology and gadgets provides our students with applicable knowledge that brings them a number of successful business engagements immediately upon graduation, and quite often even during their studies.

Professors at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts are recognized authorities and established artists in their branches of art. They are completely focused on their students, trying to be the best mentors, always available for all student questions, helping them to develop their full potentials and talent and shape them in the right direction. Their goal is for students to acquire a wide array of competences that will enable them to actively and creatively engage in contemporary artistic trends. At the same time, all members of our carefully selected teaching staff serve as good examples and role models for our students. Through numerous cooperation projects with art galleries, art and applied arts associations and media houses our students gradually get acquainted with the artistic elite of Serbia.

Gaining access to the art scene is sometimes harder than it seems, regardless of someone’s quality and talent. During studies, students participate in public art events, projects and festivals, and thus acquire valuable professional experience and get in touch with significant personalities from their industry.

Upon completion of studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, students can also acquire very useful and internationally recognized Adobe and Autodesk certificates in addition to the official diploma, which makes it easier for them to find a job after graduating from university, especially outside of Serbia. Last, but not the least important of all the previously mentioned facts, we prepare our students for an international career as the Faculty of Contemporary Arts is the only faculty that also provides lectures in English, so our students can practice and later on play theater and film roles in English language as if they were native speakers.



Study program Module Duration ECTS Academic degree
Visual Arts Painting
Sacral Art
4 academic years 240 Bachelor of Visual Arts
Design Graphic Design
Interior Design
Fashion Design/Costume Design
3 academic years 180 Bachelor of Design
Dramatic Arts Acting 3 academic years 180 Bachelor of Dramatic and Audivisual Arts
Art Production and Media Management - 4 academic years 240 Bachelor of Art and Media Production


Study program Module Duration ECTS Academic degree
Visual Arts - 1 academic years 60 Master of Visual Arts
Design Interior design
Visual communications
Art direction and concpt art
Product design
2 academic years 120 Master of Design
Dramatic Arts Acting 2 academic years 120 Master of Drama and Audio-Visual Arts


Study program Duration ECTS Academic degree
Doctoral studies of Visual Arts 3 academic years 180 Doctor of Arts - Visual Arts
Doctoral studies of Design 3 academic years 180 Doctor of Arts - Applied Arts and Design
Doctoral studies of Dramatic Arts 3 academic years 180 Doctor of Arts - Performing and Audio-Visual Arts
  • Faculty Management
    Faculty Management
    Dean Prof. dr Dragan Ćalović
    Vice Dean for Development Prof. Valentin Kuleto, Ph.D.
    Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Quality Assurance Tijana Popović
    Assistant Dean for Development and Cooperation Prof. Petar Stanojlović, Ph.D.
    Head of the Department for Dramatic Arts Prof. Božidar Đurović
    Head of the Department for Visual Arts Prof. dr Đorđe Stanojević
    Head of the Department for Art and Media Production Prof. Petar Stanojlović

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  • Faculty Address
    Faculty Address
    Address Svetozara Miletića 12, 11108 Belgrade, Serbia
    Phone +381 (0)11 4011 216
    Email office@fsu.edu.rs
    Website www.fsu.edu.rs

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