The 2023 Doctoral Awards Ceremony was held at the University Business Academy in Novi Sad on 17 May, 2023 for a new generation of doctoral students who received their doctoral degrees from our faculties.

The commencement ceremony for all Ph.D. students who have defended their doctoral dissertations during the past year took place in the main Lecture Hall called "Prof. Slavko Carić" at the University Business Academy in Novi Sad.

All attendees were first warmly welcomed by Prof. Marijana Carić, PhD, President of the University Council, Prof. Dragan Soleša PhD, the University Rector, and Prof. Milan Počuča PhD, the University Vice-Rector for Science and Dean of the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad. All Ph.D. students and their dissertations were presented by their mentors, who placed particular emphasis on the importance of contributions that these dissertations have made to the world of science. After these presentations of doctoral students and their dissertations, Prof. Dragan Soleša, the University Rector, officially handed in the diplomas to doctoral students, thus officially conferring on them the highest university title of a Doctor of Science.

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