A celebrational meeting of the University Council and Senate, in honor of recently awarded certification ISO 9001:2008

On February 25, 2014, at the University Business Academy in Novi Sad, a celebrational meeting of the University Council and Senate were held.

In honor of the awarded certification by TÜV AUSTRIA CERT from Vienna, which proves that our University’s quality system for the provision of education and research in the domain of higher education is fully in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. This certification of our quality management system is yet another official proof that our University management is strongly devoted to quality improvement, while at the same time being an obligation for continuous work and further improvements in terms of efficiency and effectiveness at the level of the whole University Business Academy.

On that occasion, University Rector, Prof. Dr. Jovo Kolar, emphasized that the University is soon going to celebrate 15 years of existence and that in the meantime the university has earned the reputation of a high-quality higher education institution that has become a respectable and recognized educational institution not only in Serbia, but also in the region. "Each university must take quality seriously and therefore self-assessment is a continuous process that must encompass all segments, i.e. structural elements of university such as teaching, scientific research, international cooperation, admissions policy, HR policy and, of course- and finance. Today we have received an official international confirmation of the quality of our university in the field of higher education, including all of the mentioned segments. Undoubtedly, this certificate represents a confirmation that we are an equal partner with other universities in the higher education arena. However, it also differentiates us from others as one of the few universities to have been awarded an international certificate of quality."

Professor Dr. Marijana Carić, President of the Council of the University Business Academy, also addressed the audience. Dr. Carić welcomed all of the attendees and thanked them for their support in the process of obtaining this certificate. "This certificate is an official proof that we act in accordance with the latest standards and criteria of the today’s society and the European HE area, and that we are internationally recognized. This international certificate has been obtained for the first time and refers to the whole University, including all of its constituent parts, i.e. faculties. Of course, we now have the obligation to obey all the procedures prescribed by the ISO 9001: 2008 and continue to improve our quality system"- said Prof. Dr. Marijana Carić.

After that, Professor Dr. Jovo Kolar, University Rector, handed in the awarded quality certificates to all deans of faculties within the university. The certificate was first handed in to Prof. Dr. Marko Carić, Dean of the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary, the oldest of all faculties within the University. Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management, Prof. Dr. Dragan Soleša, was next to receive the quality certificate. Prof. Dr. Desanka Cenić – Milošević, Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and the new Dean of the Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance, Professor Dr. Branislav Jakić, were next in line to receive this great honor.

On this special occasion, a small exhibition of paintings was put up, presenting portrays of former rectors of the University Business Academy. They all shared the same dedication to scientific and professional work and thus contributed significantly to the progress and development of the University Business Academy. Such passion and devotion secured a leading position in the HE market that the University now holds.

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