Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies in Belgrade

The Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies is a higher education institution that has been part of the Serbian academic community since 2005. The essential purpose it serves is the education of future lawyers for the needs of the judicial system, state administration and business sector, as well as the education of political scientists for various positions within the political system, state administration, information and communication sector and other areas of public life.

Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies in Belgrade

The Faculty fulfills its mission through teaching, by continuously improving the scientific disciplines studied across different study programs, as well as through scientific research and various forms of cooperation with business enterprises and institutions.

Teaching is based on most recent findings of legal and political sciences, with an emphasis on the value system defined by the rule of law and modern political democracy. We strive to equip students with relevant knowledge, as well as to prepare them for creative and independent work in their professional field, i.e. to be able to competently perform practical tasks in the fields of law and political science. Special emphasis is placed on the European dimension of education, since our entire legal and political system should be fundamentally changed and adjusted to the standards and norms of the legal and political system that have been built in the European Union (EU) for decades. That is how through education we actually contribute to the processes of democratization of society and capacity building of political and legal institutions.

Our team of educators is composed of established experts with many years of professional experience in the home country and abroad. Many of our professors are the authors of textbooks that have been used for decades at universities all over the world, or authors of papers published in the most influential scientific journals and encyclopedias. We also pride ourselves on our exceptional younger teaching staff educated in the country and abroad. All of them together form a well-balanced blend between experience and youth. We are all here to create a stimulating teaching and learning environment and thus help students easily and quickly find employment upon graduation or continue with their development if they choose to pursue their academic careers in the country and abroad.

The Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies also offers a special study module for students who cannot attend the classes regularly for various reasons i.e. students who are employed, students who live in other towns and areas far from the faculty premises etc. For such students we offer consultation hours on Saturdays during both semesters, with all the benefits of full-time studying (analysis and clarification of course content, written tests, consultations related to seminar papers, use of library resources and faculty database, etc.), so these students can also earn a maximum number of points for completed pre-exam requirements.

Accession to the EU and the global community is typically associated with a number of favorable opportunities, but also with challenges we all need to be prepared for. The European Union is in the process of constant change and development, and therefore we need to be prepared for various different scenarios and demands of the time we live in. Our faculty provides students with the opportunity to analyze recent developments from different angles, while, at the same time, being inspired, responsible and fully prepared for the upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Study programs

Undergraduate academic studies

Study program Duration ECTS Academic degree
Law 4 academic years (8 semesters) 240 Bachelor of Law
Political Science 3 academic years (6 semesters) 180 Bachelor of Political Science

Master academic studies

Study program Duration ECTS Academic degree
Law 1 academic year (2 semesters) 60 Master of Law
Political Science 2 academic years (4 semesters) 120 Master of Political Science

Doctoral academic studies

Study program Duration ECTS Academic degree
Law 3 academic years 180 Doctor of Law/Doctor of Juridical Science
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